Scientists and artists co-create visual and sonic narratives to communicate Quantum Technology

Artist: Mark Chavez; Photographer: Wolfgang Simlinger

Senior Group Leader Rupert Ursin brainstormed with artists on how to deal with quantum physics in art. The result can be seen at the Ars Electronica Festival 2019 “Quantum Logos”, presented by the collective: media artist duo Mark CHAVEZ and Ina CONRADI, the Sci-Art producer and developer Bianka HOFMANN and the science communicator Bob KASTNER. 

In “Quantum LOGOS” artists together with scientists explore the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and develop audiovisual narratives to inject complex science results into mainstream culture. We provide a vocabulary of visual and sonic metaphors, a kind of “Quantum Alphabet” to communicate Quantum Technology. We intend to bridge the gap between science and society to facilitate an informed public debate.

The performance location Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica offers its visitors an extraordinary performance space with 16 x 9 meters of wall and another 16 x 9 meters of floor projection, laser tracking, and 3D animations. It fully supports the artistic access to the quantum universe. 

Following the art performance we deepened the scientific and artistic statements in the event: “Entanglement Ongoing.” With an inspired auditorium we discussed how Quantum Technology will change business and shape our society.

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