IQOQI: A Tale of a Quantum Dream

Do my toys come alive when nobody is looking at them? 

“Do my toys come alive when nobody is looking at them?” 

This innocent question you might have asked yourself as a child hides one of the most fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, the interpretation of reality. 

Can a simple child's curiosity actually become the sparkle that lights up the path of a future scientist?

Mina, the protagonist of our journey, gets really excited by her father’s goodnight reading of Andersen’s classic “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” and starts to wonder what happens to her favorite toys while she is asleep and can not look at them.

As she grows up, her curiosity evolves into a fascination for understanding one of the most inaccessible aspects of Nature, its quantum essence. Overwhelmed by her hunger for answers, she falls into a quantum realm inspired by Saul Steinberg’s works about reflections, chasing her teacher / Tin Soldier. 

Will Mina be able to catch the Tin Soldier? 

Eventually, she will receive a gift she did not expect…

This is how we, at IQOQI, see research into the foundations of quantum mechanics: curiosity for the unknown, and open-mindedness for wherever its exploration will take us.

Discover more:

IQOQI - Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Vienna: www.iqoqi-vienna.at

Austrian Academy of Sciences: www.oeaw.ac.at/en/ 

Visual concept and animation: www.aloopvideo.com

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