Di, 07.09. – 10.09.2021

Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference

Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference organised by IQOQI-Vienna postponed to 2021

Artwork by K. Bradonjic for IQOQI-Vienna

Continuing a long tradition of quantum physics in Vienna, the conference brings together leading international researchers in this field to discuss and shape the future of quantum foundations.

For information on the invited speakers and programm see: https://vqf.iqoqi.univie.ac.at/

The conference will comprehend invited talks until the early afternoon, see our confirmed invited speakers here. The talks will be followed by a poster session introduced by flash-talks, and three panel sessions: 

“Philosophical aspects of physics – The relevance of philosophy for quantum physics and beyond.”

“Challenges to combine quantum theory and gravity.” 

“Are there clouds on the bright sky of physics? – Because of the promise of quantum technologies, are we forgetting about quantum foundations? An overview of current research directions and future challenges for quantum foundations.”



Sep. 7 - 10, 2021

Faculty of Physics
University of Vienna
Strudlhofgasse 4
1090 Vienna
Christian Doppler Lecture Hall