Do, 27.04.2023 17:30

Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for Quantum Foundations

We congratulate the authors of the publication "Quantum theory based on real numbers can be experimentally falsified": Marc-Olivier Renou, David Trillo, Mirjam Weilenmann, Thinh P. Le, Armin Tavakoli, Nicolas Gisin, Antonio Acín and Miguel Navascues

The committee awarded the prize to Renou et al. for "proving that quantum theory based on real numbers and quantum theroy based on complex numbers give rise to different predictions and identifying explicitly a Bell-type experimental scenario where this happens, hence opening the possibility for an experimental falsification of quantum theory based on real numbers."


Awarded by the members of the 2022 selection committee:

  • Anne Broadbent, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Mohamed Bourennane, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Tracy Northup, University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Marcin Pawlowski, University of Gdansk, Poland
  • Ämin Baumeler, Costantino Budroni and Yelena Guryanova, YIRG, IQOQI Vienna, Austria




Speaker: Mirjam Weilenmann


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