Di, 06.02.2024 13:00

Building of a large Ytterbium MOT on the 1S0 -> 1P1 transition

We summarize the 3 years development from an empty room to a large Doppler-cooled ytterbium cloud of a billion atoms.

We show the performances of our collimated atomic beam. In this beam, atoms with large angles are filtered by a capillary array up to a certain critical temperature. We then analyze the MOT loading rate on the broad 1S0 -> 1P1 transition as a function of different parameters with a maximum of L = 4x10^9 atoms/s. We show that light-assisted collisions are the main source of losses and give some ideas for the next steps using the intercombination line.



Speaker: Hector Letellier (Institut de Physique de Nice, France)


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