New IQOQI-Vienna blog "Bits of history"

We present Bits of History, the new history blog of IQOQI-Vienna. Its aim is to popularise the outstanding historical legacy of physics in Vienna, in order to emphasise the connection between the present physics research and its historical roots.

© Profile pictures from "Österreichische Zentralbibliothek für Physik"

"A knowledge of the historic and philosophical background gives that kind of independence from prejudices of his generation from which most scientists are suffering." (Albert Einstein)

Bits of history features short stories authored by professional historians and scientists, accompanying and contextualising visual archival material representative of the Viennese physics milieu of the past, such as original letters and historical photos.

As author of the first post of our new blog, we welcome Prof. Maria Rentetzi, professor at the Institute for Philosophy, Literary Studies and History of Science and Technology at the Technical University Berlin.

Her research focuses on the cultural history and social studies of the physical sciences. Throughout her work she has been focusing, among other topics, on gender and science, and in particular on the role of women in radioactivity research. In this short story, she talks about the peculiar thrive of women scientists at the Radium Institute in interwar Vienna.