SAS award presented in Smolenice

Matej Pivoluska, member of the Institute of Physics at Slovak Academy of Sciences and former PostDoc at IQOQI-Vienna, has been awarded a prize for top scientific publications for the paper "Measurements in two bases are sufficient for certifying high-dimensional entanglement" by the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Academy awards are the highest recognition in Slovakia for the creative work of scientists. The paper, authored by Dr. Pivoluska with colleagues from IQOQI-Vienna and published in Nature Physics, has been awarded in the category for publications of 2018 in top scientific journals. The publication focuses on high-dimensional encoding of quantum information, that provides a way of transcending the limitations of current approaches mostly based on the entanglement between qubits. Qubits are bi-dimensional systems: they can only be a combination of up and down. Instead, higher-dimensional systems could carry more quantum information and thus be more efficient than qubits for applications in quantum communication.