Tsirelson Memorial Workshop

From April 4th - 8th 2022, IQOQI-Vienna organized a one-week workshop on quantum nonlocality Tsirelson 2SQRT2.

© IQOQI Vienna

Boris Tsirelson (1950-2020) was a Russian-Israeli mathematician, known in the physics community for his visionary contributions to the field of quantum information, and in the mathematics community for his contributions to Banach spaces and probability theory. Two years after his passing IQOQI held a workshop to honour his memory with approximately 80 participants.

Invited speakers were quantum information theorists whose work was influenced by Tsirelson, among them Mikhail Sodin, a collaborator of Tsirelson who talked about his work in mathematics. The participants of the workshop also had the opportunity to listen to presentations from Antonio Acín (ICFO Barcelona, Spain), Nacho Villanueva (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Lluís Masanes (University College London, UK), Stefano Pironio (Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Valerio Scarani (National University of Singapore) and William Slofstra (University of Waterloo, Canada). 

(All images © Niko Havranek/ÖAW)