IQOQI Vienna, under the auspices of the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information, and in collaboration with the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna successfully organised the 9th Relativistic Quantum Information North conference.

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The conference took place between the 24th and the 27th September and featured 24 invited international experts and 150 participants. This symposium, the most important one in the Northern Hemisphere in the field of Relativistic Quantum Information (RQI), brought together researchers working across quantum information science, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and quantum gravity. RQI is a relatively new research field, addressing interdisciplinary questions at the interplay of quantum information and relativistic physics. On the one hand, RQI aims to extend the applicability of quantum information to regimes in which relativistic effects become relevant. On the other hand, it uses information-related ideas to investigate the fundamental  structure of spacetime. RQI is a multidisciplinary research field with far-reaching objectives, going from future large-scale quantum technologies to the understanding of gravity and spacetime at the quantum level.

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