Anton Zeilinger receives Wolf-Prize in physics 2010

Anton Zeilinger (Austria), Alain Aspect (France) and John Clauser (USA) received the Wolf-Prize in physics 2010. The three physicists share this high decoration for elementary conceptual and experimental contributions in quantum physics

The work of John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger in quantum entanglement represents the foundations for numerous modern quantum information technologies, such as quantum communication and encryption, quantum teleportation and quantum calculation. The Wolf-Prize is considered as one of the most reputable science awards worldwide. The price will be awarded through the President of Israel in Jerusalem in May 2010. 

The Wolf Foundation was founded by the late German-born Dr. Ricardo Wolf, an inventor, philanthropist and former Cuban ambassador to Israel. The private non-profit foundation's council is chaired by Israel's education minister.