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The Role of Error and Imagination in the Making of Science: The Case of the Non-Cloning Theorem

As chronicled by MIT historian of physics, David Kaiser, in his 2011 book, How the Hippies Saved Physics, Nick Herbert, a Stanford physicist, had his FLASH paper submitted to Foundations of Physics in 1981.

FLASH is an acronym made up by Herbert that stands for “First Laser-Amplified Superluminal Hookup”. Asher Peres, editor of Foundations of Physics, wrote that “Nick Herbert’s erroneous paper was a spark that generated immense progress”. Indeed, Peres sent out the paper to over than 10 referees hoping that, although it seemed to be wrong from start, as it contradicted special relativity, most referees couldn’t find the mistake. Peres decided then to publish the paper anyway, the end result being, according to Kaiser (2011), the discovery by Wojciech Zurek and Bill Wootters of the so-called non-cloning theorem of quantum computation. I will present in my talk this story and what we can learn about science from it. This lecture will be based on original not yet published primary sources, secondary sources and on an interview I carried out with Nick Herbert as part of my Ph.D. research in 2013.



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Speaker: Gustavo Rodrigues Rocha (Universidade Estadual de Feira de Santana (UEFS) / Department of Physics)


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