Invitation to a talk by Gláucia Murta Guimarães on Tuesday, December 5th 2017, 16:30h

Fully device independent Conference Key Agreement

We present the first security analysis of conference key agreement (CKA) in the most adversarial model of device independence (DI). Our protocol can be implemented by testing the Mermin-Ardehali-Belinskii-Klyshko (MABK) inequality, and security can in principle be obtained for any violation of the MABK inequality that detects genuine multipartite entanglement among the Nparties involved in the protocol. As our main tool, we derive a connection between the N-partite MABK inequality and the CHSH inequality, showing that certain violations of the MABK inequality correspond to a violation of the CHSH inequality between one of the parties and the other N-1.

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