Mon, 10.12.2018 9:00

Mini-Workshop on the foundations of quantum mechanics

The workshop took place from Monday Dec. 10th to Wednesday Dec. 12th at IQOQI Vienna

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The aim of this workshop was to bring together scientists working on different topics in quantum foundations and related areas such as quantum information and quantum thermodynamics. The workshop included free time for informal discussions and interaction among the participants.


- Edgar Aguilar (IQOQI Vienna)

- Adán Cabello (Universidad de Sevilla)

- Nicolai Friis (IQOQI Vienna)

- Andrew Garner (IQOQI Vienna)

- Flaminia Giacomini (IQOQI Vienna)

- Otfried Gühne (Universität Siegen)

- Philipp Höhn (IQOQI Vienna)

- Jukka Kiukas (Aberystwyth University)

- Matthias Kleinmann (Universität Siegen)

- Ilya Kull (IQOQI Vienna)

- Jan-Åke Larsson (Linköping University)

- Shane Mansfield (Sorbonne Université)

- Nikolai Miklin (KCIK Gdańsk)

- Markus Müller (IQOQI Vienna)

- Miguel Navascués (IQOQI Vienna)

- Cornelia Spee (Universität Siegen)

- Geza Tóth (Universidad del Pais Vasco)

- Roope Uola (Universität Siegen)

- Zizhu Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

- Mischa Woods (ETH Zürich)






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