Topical Team: Super Conducting Gravimeters in the Quantum Regime

IQOQI Vienna, in cooperation with the Walther-Meißner-Institute (WMI) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, investigates the experimental basis for gravitational coupling of levitated superconductors in the quantum regime.

The ÖAW-BADW cooperation on superconducting gravimeters in the quantum regime aims for the fundamental investigation of gravitational effects on a quantum level. This connection of gravity and quantum mechanics is one of the most important unresolved questions in nature. The challenge of this mission requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Therefor our cooperation combines world leading expertise on superconducting low temperature technology (WMI, BADW) and quantum control of highly coherent, levitating mechanical oscillators (IQOQI Vienna, ÖAW). Our joint research will also create new innovations in the field of inertial sensing.