In our joint research project, we will test quantum physics using an extremely heavy particle (~ atomic mass units, 50um diameter) using a novel experimental platform, and we will use this platform for ultra-sensitive force sensing.

Our particle is a superconducting ball confined in a magnetic trap. We aim to cool the ball’s center-of-mass motion to the ground state, then to prepare the motion in a quantum state. To achieve this, we will carefully probe and control the particle using superconducting quantum circuits. These superconducting quantum circuits offer an extensive toolbox for preparing, manipulating and measuring the particle’s motion with high efficiency.

The unique combination of a massive particle with ultrahigh coherence and state-of-the-art superconducting quantum circuits also makes our platform an excellent force sensor. This has the potential to open new avenues for dark matter detection, gravitational wave detection and fundamental tests of quantum gravity.


Recent Publications


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