Quantum Physics and Quantum Communication

The Ursin group’s research interest focuses on “the essence of quantum physics”, as Erwin Schrödinger put it: Quantum Entanglement. We experimentally investigate quantum optical effects and quantum information processes. The creation, manipulation and detection of entangled photons and all of its applications are our expertise.

Quantum Cryptography

One of the most important applications of quantum optics is the promise of unconditionally secure communication. By exploiting the strange properties of quantum states, especially entangled photons, one can create an unbreakable cryptographic key between two users ("Quantum Key Distribution", QKD). The Ursin group is on the forefront of this state-of-the-art research field.

Entanglement as resource

The unintuitive properties of entangled photons are the fundamental principle not only of quantum communications, but also quantum sensing and fundamental quantum optics research. In these research fields, we investigate sensitive quantum interference effects in different environments.

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