Now Open: The 2018 Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Selection

The 2018 Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Selection Committee is now accepting your nominations.

Nominations and self-nominations for the present call are to include a copy of the nominated publication and a short (2-3 paragraph) statement of the relevance of the contribution. In the case of single-author publications, the name and contact information of the author is to be given. In the case of multi-author publications, a representative author who will officially accept the Ehrenfest Award in person shall be named and his contact information will be included. Consent from all authors as to which author will serve as the representative for the publication shall be obtained by the nominator, and a short confirmation to that effect should be included with the nomination.

For detailed rules, please visit this link.

Markus Mueller will be coordinating the selection process at IQOQI Vienna, and is looking forward to receiving your nomination or self-nomination at markusm23(at)univie.ac.at by May 31, 2019.

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