IQOQI Vienna launches "Young Independent Researcher Group"

Yelena Guryanova, Ämin Baumeler and Costantino Budroni have been awarded EUR 1.9 million in funding from the FWF to form an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional Young Independent Researcher Group (YIRG).

The new FWF initiative fosters innovative, creative collaboration of outstanding young researchers. The project, "Emergence of causal order in quantum theory and beyond”, will be coordinated by Yelena Guryanova and will function jointly between IQOQI Vienna (Austrian Academy of Sciences) and the University of Vienna.

The programme will investigate the notion of causality in quantum theory as well as post-quantum theories and theories of computation. Do the laws of quantum mechanics facilitate our ability to discern causal relations; what kind of problems would a computer be able to solve if it could admit non-causal processes? The project will work at the interface of quantum physics and computer science to address concrete questions related to time keeping devices and causal order. Within these frameworks, the researchers plan to investigate how an arrow of time may arise in indefinite-order theories. 

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