FQXi essay contest prize goes to Dr. Markus Müller

In the Foundational Questions Institute's essay contest on "What is fundamental", a 4th prize has been awarded to Dr. Markus Müller - IQOQI junior group leader.

In an attempt to "encourage and support rigorous, innovative and influential thinking", the Foundational Questions Institute - FQXi - hosts regular essay contests on "foundational questions in physics and cosmology". In this year's contest, IQOQI junior group leader Markus Müller has been awarded a 4th prize on the question of "What is fundamental?". In his essay, he describes personal experiences as a teenager that led him to work an "it from bit" view on physics, and how this view can reverse our standard perspective on fundamentality.

The first prize has been awarded to Dr. Emily Adlam (Cambridge University) a former summer student of Markus Müller.

2017 What Is “Fundamental” Winning Essays

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