A paper by Miguel Navascues in “Investigación y Ciencia”, the Spanish edition of Scientific American

Supraquantum theories - Is quantum mechanics a fundamental theory?

For the last 80 years, the predictions of quantum physics have been confirmed in a vast number of experiments. Most researchers believe that there is nothing that cannot be accommodated within the quantum framework. Quantum theory is also extraordinarily robust: so far, all attempts at modifying it have given rise to theories violating some basic physical principle, such as instantaneous communication. A new research program, known as the reconstruction of quantum theory, tries to determine to which point quantum laws are the only ones compatible with a number of essential physical prerequisites. Recent studies suggest that it is possible to conceive "generalized probabilistic theories" beyond quantum physics which nonetheless do not violate any fundamental principle. Such theories seem to have an intriguing relation with the microscopic formulation of gravity.

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