Monday, 05. November 2018, 18:00

The Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award For Quantum Foundations

Profs. Roman Schmied and Nicolas Sangouard, co-authors of the winning publication, will collect the prize and give a talk about the awarded work. At the end, amid live music, drinks and a small buffet, the audience will have the chance to interact with them. Researchers and science students are encouraged to attend!

The Paul Ehrenfest Prize was created in 2015 with the aim to promote recent advances in the field of quantum foundations. The 2015 edition of the prize was jointly awarded to three publications by groups at the TU Delft (The Netherlands), the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST (USA) for “simultaneously closing the locality and detection loopholes in Bell experiments”. The 2016 edition was won by Bendersky et al. (Argentina and Spain), for their work on algorithmic pseudorandomness in quantum experiments.

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