Monday, 28. May 2018, 9:30

Interplay of quantum information, foundations and gravity

The workshop will take place from May 28 to June 1st 2018 at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

 The videos of the talks will continue to be uploaded under the following link:

Informational perspectives and, in particular, the tools from quantum information have recently led to exciting progress in the quest for quantum gravity, both on the technical and conceptual level. Conversely, these developments give rise to new challenges and opportunities for quantum information and quantum foundations research.

The aim of this interdisciplinary meeting is to bring together leading experts from quantum gravity, quantum foundations and quantum information to discuss these developments further and strengthen the fruitful exchange among these communities. A specific goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations on addressing some of the deepest problems in physics by helping to bridge the gap in communication.



  • Philippe Allard Guerin (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Alessio Belenchia (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Caslav Brukner (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Esteban Castro Ruiz (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Goffredo Chirco (Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam)
  • Will Donnelly (Perimeter Institute)
  • Jens Eisert (FU Berlin)
  • Rodolfo Gambini (Universidad de la Republica Uruguay)
  • Flaminia Giacomini (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Daniel Grumiller (TU Vienna)
  • Lucas Hackl (Penn State University)
  • Felix Haehl (University of British Columbia)
  • Michal Heller (Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam)
  • Marcus Huber (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Ted Jacobson (University of Maryland)
  • Achim Kempf (University of Waterloo)
  • Etera Livine (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon)
  • Markus Müller (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Jonathan Oppenheim (University College London)
  • Daniele Oriti (Albert Einstein Institut, Potsdam)
  • Federico Piazza (CPT Marseille)
  • Sukhi Singh (IQOQI Vienna)
  • Frank Verstraete (University of Ghent/University of Vienna)




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