Mon, 08.02.2021 18:00


Physicists of all fields and physics students are invited to join the Ehrenfest Award online talk on Monday, Feb. 8, 6 pm CET.


The talk will focus on the work winner of the Paul Ehrenfest Best Paper Award for Quantum Foundations for the year 2020:


Phase Shift in an Atom Interferometer due to Spacetime Curvature across its Wave Function
by Peter Asenbaum, Chris Overstreet, Tim Kovachy, Daniel D. Brown, Jason M. Hogan, and Mark A. Kasevich
Physical Review Letters 118, 183602 (2017)


The committee awarded the prize to Asenbaum et al. "for the measurement of gravitational tidal forces in an atom interferometer, thereby establishing a new telescope into the foundations of quantum theory and gravity."



For more info on the award see the winner announcement of this year and the description of the award.

Markus Müller,  who coordinated the selection process this year, is looking forward to welcoming you to the webinar.