Thu, 01.06.2023 11:00

On the Relationship between Reconstructing and Interpreting Quantum Mechanics

The program of reconstructing quantum theory based on information-theoretic principles enjoys much popularity in the foundations of physics.

Surprisingly, this endeavor has only received very little attention in philosophy. This is unfortunate because, on the one hand, reconstructions can help us to better understand quantum mechanics, and, on the other hand, reconstructions are themselves in need of interpretation. My specific aims in this talk are threefold. (i) Clarify the relationship between reconstructing and interpreting quantum mechanics, (ii) show how informational reconstructions of quantum theory put pressure on standard realist interpretations, (iii) motivate the idea that certain reconstructions speak in favor of a doxastic interpretation of the wave function (as opposed to ontic or epistemic interpretations).



Speaker: Philipp Berghofer (University of Graz)

You can follow the talk here


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