Thu, 09.03.2023 11:00

Talk by David Snoke: A new mathematical formalism for nonlocal spontaneous collapse

The proposal of spontaneous collapse of quantum states has much appeal, as it does not require a lot of metaphysical baggage.

But it has the drawback that it requires an explicit change to the equations of quantum mechanics, because the standard unitary equations of quantum mechanics cannot give the non-unitary collapse of measurements seen in experiments. Prior proposals for spontaneous collapse have suffered from several drawbacks.  In this talk, I will present a mathematical formalism for spontaneous collapse that has many positive features, namely, it reproduces the Born probability rule as stochastic behavior, it involves a fairly simple change to the equations, and it works with many-body states of identical particles. As with any nonlocal theory, it raises issues of how to have a consistent narrative of events across different relativistic frames of reference.



You can follow the talk here


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