Fri, 06.12.2019 10:00

Talk by David Bermudez

Light on the horizon

One of the fundamental aspects of science, and in particular of physics, is the unification of different phenomena under the same framework. In this talk, I will first argue that the Hawking effect, usually related to event horizons in astrophysical black holes, can be extended to other physical systems as Bose-Einstein condensates or light pulses in optical fibers. The emitted radiation is the analog Hawking radiation. Then, I will describe a recent experiment where the classical analog of the Hawking radiation was measured in the optical table, including a signal with negative frequency. The new signals are produced by the nonlinear interaction of two ultrashort pulses in a photonic crystal fiber. We called this the extreme nonlinear optics regime. Finally, I will talk about the theoretical, numerical and experimental evidence that supports this claim.


Hosted by: Maxime Jacquet/Walther Group