Mon, 08.04.2019. 14:30

Talk by Arne Hansen, Mon. April 8, 2:30 pm at the IQOQI seminar room

Tangible Interactions

Results of measurements give legitimacy to a physical theory. 
What if acquiring these results in the first place necessitates what the same theory considers to be an interaction? We assume that theories account for interactions so that they are empirically traceable, and that observations necessarily go with such an interaction with the observed system. We investigate consequences of this assumption: The unfolding language game, inspired by “quantum logic,” leads to a class of contextual and probabilistic theories. Disturbance becomes a means to render interactions, thus also measurements, empirically tangible. The measurement “problem” arises in all such theories, not only quantum mechanics: It is a consequence of the need for empirical evidence of interactions. And a consequence of the converse need for an interaction when obtaining that empirical evidence.