Mi, 03.05.2023 14:00

Realism, Intuitiveness, and the Scandal of Entanglement. Einstein and Schrödinger on EPR

Even though Einstein and Schrödinger were centrally important for the development of modern quantum physics, they never accepted quantum mechanics and its interpretation through the “Copenhagen School” as a satisfying foundational theory.

The mainstream of quantum physicists insisted that their demands of a realistic and visualizable theory were a result of outdated metaphysical commitments. I will propose a more sympathetic reading of Einstein’s and Schrödinger’s motivations, and how this led to their views on entanglement. Finally, I will ask if the confirmation of the quantum mechanical predictions of the Bell Inequalities has shown their positions to be untenable.



Speaker: Christoph Lehner (Independent Scholar)

You can follow the talk here


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