Miguel Navascués

Miguel Navascués is one of the most brilliant theoretical quantum physicists in his age group. He is also a sharp-witted and merciless critic of the culture and communication forms of our science in-crowd, and might be inclined to wryly deride a sentence like the one above. To sample morsels of his wit, visit his very controversial blog, Schroedinger’s rat. Still, he is a brilliant scientist, and best known for the so-called Navascues-Pironio-Acin hierarchy of semidefinite programs characterizing the set of quantum correlations.

For the current issue of Quantum Café, Miguel the quantum rat has cooked up a special treat for all the quantum kittens. On par with PhD Comics, he opens his bag of tricks for after-talk question time. Of course, all characters appearing in his work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The fact that Miguel sat for interviews for a position in Vienna has nothing to do with anything. After all, he did get the position in the end.

Vienna Quantum Café

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